'Unhandled Exception Error in PANTONE Color Manager


What does it mean when I receive an “Unhandled Exception” error message in PANTONE Color Manager for Windows?

'Unhandled exception' errors can have multiple possible causes. One common cause is an improper installation of X-Rite Device Services, a necessary component to PANTONE Color Manager that provides connectivity of measuring instruments with the software. Normally this installs with PANTONE Color Manager but on some systems the install can fail. Please visit http://www.xrite.com/product_overview.aspx?ID=1509 and download and install the latest X-Rite Device Services release on your system. Restart the computer and try launching PANTONE Color Manager again.

If the above does not resolve the issue, we will need the log files from PANTONE Color Manager. Please e-mail to support@pantone.com and attach all files found in the following directory:

C:\Users|(your username)\AppData*\Roaming\PANTONE\PantoneColorManager\Logs

*AppData is a hidden folder; you will need to adjust your Folder Options to show hidden files and folders.

Upon receipt of the log files, we will forward same to software engineering. By analyzing the files they can usually pinpoint a cause and define a solution.

Need Help? Contact PANTONE Customer Service: support@pantone.com

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