Annual 'editions' for PANTONE guides


Why has Pantone removed the “edition” notation in the copy pages?

Editions are a common terminology used in the publishing industry to indicate an update to a publication. Over the years, Pantone used this to indicate a significant change to our product and often a change to the spectral data.

In 2010, Pantone established master spectral data for all future printings. That data was based on the measurements taken from the Pantone PLUS initial printing. This printing introduced our chromatic order and a new paper stock. All future printings are approved to this master spectral data; therefore, no edition terminology is needed.

In addition, we have eliminated all reference to the “printing” as this is no longer necessary. The edition and printing terminology have been replaced by a date coding system.

Due to handling, fading, and aging, your colors will appear inaccurate over time. That’s why we recommend on the back cover of each guide that they be replaced every 12-18 month, depending on your usage case and storage habits. This is understood to mean "from date of first use" and not "from date of manufacture."

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