Can I get a list of dicontinued Pantone colors?


Are there any PANTONE colors that have been discontinued?

At 01/03/2001 09:13 AM we wrote - There are only two catagories of colors which have been discontinued over the years:

1. DayGlo colors. At one time, there were a series of blended colors that ran from PANTONE 815 through PANTONE 842. These colors were discontinued with the introduction of the 18th Edition of the PANTONE Color Formula Guide, circa approx. 1986. Currently, there are 14 DayGlo colors, PANTONE 801 through PANTONE 807, which are the bases, and PANTONE 808 through PANTONE 814, which are DayGlo blends.

2. Double-impression colors. These are the colors that had a "2X" designation, i.e., PANTONE 485C 2X. These colors were printed once, dried back, and then overprinted in a second pass within the same area. This produced a more intense version of the colors. There were 49 colors in this group, which were discontinued with the introduction of the PANTONE Color Formula Guide, First Edition 2000-2001. The last edition to contain the double-impression colors was the 15th Printing from the beginning of 2000.

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