Corporate Identity brochure packed with PANTONE Products


What is the 'trademark warning' brochure packaged with my product referring to?

The brochure that was packaged with your PANTONE Product deals with situations in which you wish to communicate a PANTONE Color together with its trademark identification. By 'trademark identification,' we simply mean the use of the PANTONE Trademark and the color reference number. An example of trademark identification is PANTONE 185 C. This is a typical example of how such a reference might be included:

'ABC corporation's corporate red is PANTONE 185 C'

In a situation like this, there is a tag line that is required to be included in published materials. This tag line would be provided by our Licensing Department upon request, and the finished copy must be reviewed by the Licensing Department prior to being disseminated.  Please visit the 'contact us' page at for a link to our Licensing Department.

In other situations, some companies want to include physical color samples in their corporate identity materials and identify the color sample as being equivalent to a PANTONE Color. In this case, the requirements are more stringent. Pantone would require that a Pantone Representative visit the printing site to ensure the accuracy of the color, at the client's expense, or Pantone can print the colors for you under our Corporate Identity Program. This is necessary to protect the integrity and viability of the PANTONE Trademark.

To sum up, it should be noted that the above requirements apply only when the PANTONE Trademark is to be displayed within a printed piece, e.g., brochure, advertisement, company corporate identity guidelines, etc. If you are merely specifying a color for a printer to use without actually displaying the PANTONE Trademark, then the requirements do not apply.

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