Fade resistant colors?


Which PANTONE base colors are lightfast?

Prior to the introduction of the PANTONE Color Formula Guide 1000 in 1991, PANTONE Yellow 012, PANTONE Orange 021, PANTONE Red 032 and PANTONE Blue 072 were designated as increased lightfast substitute colors for PANTONE Yellow, PANTONE Warm Red and PANTONE Reflex Blue in the basic colors pages. 

With the expansion of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM that occurred in 1991, these four colors were incorporated into the basic colors and used directly in formulation of blended PANTONE Colors.  For this reason, the separate designation was dropped from the PANTONE formula guide.

It should be noted that these colors exhibit a slight improvement in lightfastness when compared to other PANTONE Colors.  It is critical that you consult a Pantone-licensed printing ink manufacturer to determine if a particular color is appropriate for your end-use requirements.

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