Finding a color in PANTONE Libraries exported to Adobe from PANTONE Color Manager


I exported libraries from PANTONE Color Manager for my Adobe applications, but I cannot ‘find’ a color. Why?

The 'find' function in Adobe applications does not currently work with libraries exported from PANTONE Color Manager. This problem has been fixed in development; however, it is dependent on a new release of PANTONE Color Manager to permanently correct it.

There is a temporary workaround available for both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign as follows:

Adobe Illustrator

  • Open PANTONE library
  • Click arrow on palette window and select 'view as list'
  • Click arrow and select 'sort by name'
  • Palette is sorted numerically. This must be repeated with each new session of Illustrator.

Adobe InDesign

  • Locate desired color in PANTONE color guide or chip book
  • Identify three-digit PANTONE color in closest proximity to desired color.
  • Search for three-digit color - the search will work properly.
  • Scroll up or down to locate target color. Exported library follow same chromatic arrangement as PANTONE guide or book.

There is currently no workaround for this in Adobe Photoshop.

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