How to Export PANTONE Libraries from PANTONE Color Manager


How do I export PANTONE Libraries from PANTONE Color Manager?

Once you have obtained PANTONE Color Manager, please note that it does not 'automatically' update the libraries; rather, it provides you with access to the libraries for export into your applications.

The steps to do this are fully documented within the online help system installed with the software, and accessible from the Help menu. You will find them on Page 11 therein. Here's a brief description:

  • If your target applications are open, close them.
  • Launch PANTONE Color Manager
  • Go to View/Fandeck and select the desired library to export.*
  • Go to File/Export/select your application/choose L*a*b* for print output or sRGB for Web design **
  • The library is exported and is now accessible from within your target application.

* PANTONE Color Manager also allows you the flexibility to assemble and work with color palettes, and/or to apply an output profile to your libraries/palettes prior to export, to provide color-managed PANTONE colors for a particular device. Please refer to the 'Help' system for complete details.

** PANTONE +COLOR BRIDGE libraries should be exported in CMYK space.

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