How to cross-reference CMYK/RGB/HTML/L*a*b* data to PANTONE colors


I have CMYK/RGB/HTML/L*a*b* values. How can I find the closest PANTONE color?

You can use the Pantone Color Finder to look up many of these combinations:

  1. Go to the Color Finder
  2. Click on the tab “Convert”
  3. From here, you can select a color space (sRGB, Hex, or CMYK), enter a value, and search for the closest Pantone colors.

The Color Finder also allows a variety of other types of searches:




How can I find a PANTONE match from RGB/CMYK/HTML values?

Use the Pantone Color Bridge Guide. The Color Bridge Guide provides a side-by-side visual comparison of Pantone spot colors vs CMYK process printing with corresponding ink formulations and CMYK, HTML, and RGB values. Use Color Bridge for digital design, animation, packaging, and when CMYK printing is required.

Conversion of Pantone Spot color into CMYK, RGB, or other color systems is dependent on the specific print conditions for a given application. Therefore, the values provided within this guide are not absolute, but rather starting points. If absolute accuracy is needed, we recommend conferring with your printer or software vendor to adjust the color conversion process for your specific substrate and printing process.

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