Identifying and Using PANTONE Metallic and Pastel Colors


How do I identify PANTONE metallic and pastel colors?

PANTONE Colors which are four-digits beginning with 8, e.g., PANTONE 8960 C, are metallic colors found in the following product:

PANTONE metallic formula guide coated

PANTONE metallic chips coated

Colors beginning with '9', as in PANTONE 9201 C, are found in the following pastel products:

PANTONE pastel formula guide coated + uncoated

PANTONE pastel chips coated + uncoated

(Note:  Links provided are from the North American Web site; please consult your local Pantone office for availability in areas outside of North America).

Support for the PANTONE Metallics coated library, and PANTONE Pastels coated and uncoated libraries, is contained in most updated graphics programs, including the latest versions of the Adobe Creative Suite applications, Macromedia FreeHand, QuarkXPress and others.  However, Pantone has added 97 additional PANTONE Metallic Colors and 28 additional PANTONE Pastel Colors with the release of the latest versions of the above publications.  Support for these added colors is provided by the Adobe Creative Suite 3 applications.  If you are running earlier versions of the Adobe products, or software from other manufacturers, you may download the attached Excel spreadsheet that will provide you with sRGB and HTML data for these 97 added PANTONE Metallic Colors and 28 added PANTONE Pastel Colors, allowing these colors to be used within your software application programs. 

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