Invalid serial number when activating PANTONE Color Manager


Why am I getting an “Invalid Serial Number” message when trying to activate PANTONE Color Manager?

Serial numbers are invalid for a number of reasons:

  • The PANTONE product is not registered. This applies if you are trying to activate using a serial number for a PANTONE book that has not been registered. PANTONE products may be registered by visiting

  • The serial number is already activated. PANTONE Color Manager is a single-user license. Each serial number can only be activated once. If you need to move PANTONE Color Manager to a different computer, or have rebuilt your machine and need to reinstall, the license needs to be deactivated before you can activate the software. You can do this directly in Color Manager using the following steps:

    • Mac: From the PANTONE Color Manager menu, choose Activation, then click button to deactivate license.

    • Windows: From the Help menu, choose Activations, then click button to deactivate license.

    • You can also e-mail your serial number to and request that we deactivate the license.

  • The serial number is not properly configured in the X-Rite registration database. Please e-mail the serial number to We will check the configuration and correct any issues.

Need Help? Contact PANTONE Customer Service:

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