L*a*b values for PANTONE Coated colors


Where can I find L*a*b values for PANTONE Coated colors?

Pantone does not publish L*a*b* data for its colors.

If you are attempting to use this data as a standard for color matching, we would recommend that you perform your own measurements on a fresh printing of the PANTONE formula guide to determine your data. This data would be most meaningful to you as it represents your instrumentation, production environment and viewing environment.

If you have a spectrophotomenter manufactured by Gretag or X-Rite, these companies are licensed by Pantone to incorporate data tables within their instruments. Contact Gretag (http://www.gretag.com) or X-Rite (http://www.xrite.com) directly for more information.

Further, Adobe Photoshop supports L*a*b* color space and can provide conversions from PANTONE Colors to L*a*b*. Keep in mind, however, that this data is based on the algorithms in Adobe Photoshop and may differ from actual measurement data.

Need Help? Contact PANTONE Customer Service: support@pantone.com

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