Matching PANTONE Color Manager data to PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE guide.


How can I match data from my PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE guide, to that in PANTONE Color Manager?

The printed PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE guide provides a side-by-side display of the PANTONE solid color on the left, and a CMYK simulation on the right. 

The PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE libraries in PANTONE Color Manager are intended for output of the colors as CMYK simulations only.  Thus, the sRGB and HTML data which are displayed in the software are representative of the CMYK color, not the solid PANTONE color. 

When working in PANTONE Color Manager software, if you want to export the colors as CMYK simulations, you should use the PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE library.  However, if you want to use the colors with the sRGB and HTML data consistent with the PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE guide, you should choose colors from the PANTONE + Solid Coated or PANTONE + Solid Uncoated libraries.  When viewing colors from these libraries, the sRGB and HTML data printed in the PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE guide will be consistent with that in PANTONE Color Manager for the solid PANTONE colors.

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