Obtaining a sample of PANTONE Color of the Year


How can I get a sample of the PANTONE Color of the Year?

The PANTONE Color of the Year is chosen each year from the PANTONE FASHION + HOME color palette.

You may obtain an individual sample of each year's color in one of the following ways:

1.  Purchase a PANTONE SMART Swatch Card for the color.  Swatch cards are 4" x 6" swatches of dyed 100% woven mercerized cotton which are loosely tacked to a paper backing with the color identification information.  These are available in each of the 1,925 PANTONE FASHION + HOME colors and may be ordered online at the following page:

PANTONE SMART Color Swatch Cards

2.  Purchase the replacement page from PANTONE FASHION + HOME Specifier, Paper which includes the desired color.  Replacement pages are produced with nitrocellulose coating on paper, containing seven PANTONE colors, with five tear-off chips for each color.  You may obtain the page number using the following page:

Find a PANTONE color

You can order individual pages at the following page:

PANTONE FASHION + HOME Specifier replacement pages

Note:  Customer outside of North America should contact their nearest PANTONE office location for purchasing information.  Office locations are found on the 'contact us' page at pantone.com.

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