Outputting PANTONE colors on desktop and wide-format inkjet and laser printers


How can I output accurate PANTONE colors on my desktop or wide-format device?

Pantone offers manufacturers of various output devices, including inkjet, laser and dye-sublimation printers and certain RIPs, the opportunity to have their devices Pantone-calibrated. This process involves entering into a licensing agreement with the device manufacturer. Under the terms of this agreement, in general the manufacturer will physically ship the device to Pantone's facility here in Carlstadt, NJ. Here, our color scientists work to develop custom lookup tables for the PANTONE colors, which contain visually-calibrated CMYK data for each PANTONE color to provide the closest visual simulation possible. In some cases, device manufacturers also contract with Pantone to develop ICC profiles. Once this is done, the files are returned to the device manufacturer for redistribution to their customers. Certain files are posted at pantone.com for download.

If you are in doubt as to whether a particular device is Pantone-calibrated, please submit a question using the 'ask a question' feature and let us know the device, and we can verify it for you. When shopping for a printer, one important question might be, 'Is this device Pantone-calibrated?', as the aforementioned license agreement allows the manufacturer use of the PANTONE Trademark on the device, and in all marketing and advertising copy for the device.

A partial listing of Pantone-calibrated devices may be found at http://www.pantone.com/pages/calibratedprinters/calibratedprinters.aspx.

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