PANTONE Color Manager export failed or application not installed in Adobe products


Why am I getting an export failed or Application Not Installed error when exporting libraries to Adobe products? Or, why can't I find my PANTONE library after a 'successful' export?

In some cases, the export paths within PANTONE Color Manager may differ from those that exist on your system. If this happens, you can use the following as an alternative method of exporting the libraries:

  • Launch PANTONE Color Manager.
  • Open the particular PANTONE library you wish to use, by going to View/Fandecks and selecting it from the list.
  • Go to File/Save As
  • Choose 'Desktop' for your location, choose the appropriate file type for the application in which you want to use the library, and choose L*a*b* as your color space (or CMYK for PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE libraries).
  • Click the 'export' button. The library is exported to your desktop.
  • Navigate to the file from within Illustrator or InDesign and open it.

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