PANTONE Color Suffix differences: C, CV, CVC, CVU, CP, UP


What do the different PANTONE suffixes mean?

"CV" = computer video. This designation is used to denote that a color is an electronic simulation of a PANTONE Color. It is used in older versions of software applications that license PANTONE Colors, e.g., Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand, QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

"CVC" = computer video, coated paper. This denotes electronic simulation of the color specifically as it appears on coated paper; "CVU" does the same on uncoated paper.

In May 2010, the PANTONE PLUS SERIES was introduced, which is a sweeping upgrade to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, including the addition of 224 brand-new colors, new paper stocks, and a new chromatic re-arrangement of the colors.  As part of this upgrade the guides and books on Matte coated paper were discontinued.  PANTONE Color Manager software is offered free of charge to purchasers of any PANTONE PLUS SERIES products, allowing for digital update of PANTONE libraries within licensed software applications.  The software is also available for purchase; please contact your appropriate Pantone office location for details. 

The digital libraries currently use the following designations:

C = coated paper, i.e., PANTONE 185 C

U = uncoated paper, i.e., PANTONE 185 U

CP = coated paper, process simulation, i.e., PANTONE 185 CP (used in PANTONE+ COLOR BRIDGE COATED).

UP = uncoated paper, process simulation, i.e., PANTONE 185 UP (used in PANTONE+ COLOR BRIDGE UNCOATED).

The following designations for PANTONE Colors used in earlier versions of PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE are now obsolete:

PC = process simulation, coated paper, i.e., PANTONE 185 PC. 

UP= uncoated paper, process simulation, i.e., PANTONE 185 UP. 

EC - Euro process simulation, coated paper, i.e., PANTONE 185 EC. This was used in the European version which is now obsolete. 

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