PANTONE Color Viewing Light Bulb Specifications


What are specifications for replacement bulbs in the PANTONE Color Viewing Light?

Here are the bulb specifications for the PANTONE Color Viewing Light model #PVL 310:

Source: D50 Simulation

Color Temperature: 5000K

Color Rendering Index: 98

Wattage: 2 x 18

Lamp type: Fluorescent JUST Color Control Daylight 5000

Uses: Daylight for color matching in the graphic arts industry. For reproductions and color proofs. (CIE D50, ANSI PH 2.30, ISO 3664)


Source: TL84

Color Temperature: 4100K

Color Rendering Index: 80

Wattage: 2 x 18

Lamp type: Fluorescent Trimline T8

Uses: Typical lighting for stores, offices, supermarkets and exhibition halls.


Source: A

Color Temperature: 2700K

Color Rendering Index: 100

Wattage: 2 x 40

Lamp type: Incandescent

Uses: Typical incandescent for homes, offices or hotels.


The PANTONE Color Viewing Light model #PVL510 adds the following additional light sources:

Source: D65 Simulation 

Color Temperature: 6500K

Color Rendering Index: 98

Wattage: 2 x 18

Lamp Type: Fluorescent Phillips TL-D 18/965

Uses: North sky Daylight, conforms to all important European and international regulations for visual color matching. (CIE D65)


Source: UV

Color Temperature: n/a

Color Rendering Index: n/a

Wattage: 1 x 8

Lamp Type: Fluorescent Ultraviolet TL8W/08

Uses: Required for textile or paper industries; stimulates optical brighteners, whitening agents, fluorescent pigments.


Color Rendering Index is determined in accordance with CIE Publication 13.2


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