PANTONE Colors in '7000' series, i.e., PANTONE 7539


Are PANTONE colors in the 7000 series, i.e., PANTONE 7539, valid?

PANTONE 7539 is one of 147 designer-inspired PANTONE Colors which were introduced as an addition to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM in May 2000; the newest colors range from PANTONE 7401 through PANTONE 7547. If your PANTONE formula guide or PANTONE solid chips product does not contain this color, it is obsolete and should be replaced.  Use the above links for more updated product information. 

Please note that in addition to adding colors, Pantone also adopted a brighter paper stock for its publications, in response to overwhelming consumer demand. Thus, there can be a visual variance between PANTONE Colors from older editions when compared to the newest edition.

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