PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT Process and Brand Owners/Designers


What does the PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT printing process mean to the brand owners and designers?

The PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT workflow removes many of the standard limitations and frees designers to focus on creativity. Designers can specify as many colors in their designs as they wish without being told they need to limit their color palette to CMYK and 2 spot colors. Graphic designers who design for the XG workflow are able to maintain highly impactful colors and, at the same time, create more dynamic designs than ever before.

If a critical color has been identified in your design, it is suggested that you compare the PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT Coated Guide to a PANTONE PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDE, to ensure there is an acceptable match. If there is not an acceptable match, it is suggested that you retain the critical color as a PANTONE Spot Color.

After installing the PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software, be sure to specify from the PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT Color Palette so your printing partners will know your acceptable process colors and reproduce your artwork to your satisfaction.

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