PANTONE Silver vs. PANTONE 877


What is the difference between PANTONE Silver 10077 and PANTONE 877?

PANTONE 877 C is the silver base used to blend the 'conventional' PANTONE Metallic colors, which have existed since the mid-to-late 1980's.

PANTONE Silver 10077 C is the specialized, non-leafing silver base manufactured by Eckart and used to formulate the PANTONE Premium Metallic colors, which were introduced in May 2010 with the PANTONE PLUS SERIES upgrade.

'Conventional' metallic base colors contain metal flake, which leafs to the surface as the ink dries to produce the metallic effect.  The extent of this 'leafing characteristic' can vary depending on the length of time it takes for the ink to dry.  This can lead to inconsistencies in the appearance of the colors from run to run.  

Within the PANTONE Silver 10077 ink, the metallic particles are evenly dispersed within the vehicle of the ink, thereby removing this 'leafing characteristic' and leading to more consistently repeatable results.  

For more information on the PANTONE Silver pigment please click here.

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