PANTONE Transparent White vs. PANTONE Extender


What is the difference between PANTONE Transparent White and PANTONE Extender?

PANTONE Transparent White is actually a finished ink minus the colorant. Thus, it contains the same varnishes, dryers and other components that would typically be found in colored printing ink. PANTONE Transparent White is semi-opaque in appearance, due to the presence of waxes and silicates. This designation typically appears in the standard PANTONE formula guide.

PANTONE Extender is, in theory, exactly the same as PANTONE Transparent White, except that it contains a non-yellowing varnish. This designation typically appears in the PANTONE pastel color formula guide + chips, and its purpose is to reduce the strength of the pastel base inks. It is common for the two terms to be used interchangably. This usually does not create a problem provided you understand the correct component for your particular end-use requirements.

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