PantoneLIVE Update to PANTONE Color Manager


Why are some of my PANTONE Libraries marked as 'obsolete' and why can't I delete them?

Recently, X-Rite released a PantoneLIVE update to PANTONE Color Manager to update all of the fan-deck libraries. After processing the update, you should have the following libraries available:

  • PANTONE + Solid Coated V2
  • PANTONE + Solid Uncoated V2
  • PANTONE + ColorBridge Coated V2
  • PANTONE + ColorBridge Uncoated V2

The designation V2, short for Version 2, indicates that the library includes all color additions from 2010, 2012 and 2014 in a single contiguous library. Older PANTONE+ libraries have been marked as obsolete within PANTONE Color Manager.

PANTONE FASHION + HOME Libraries have been similarly updated. The current libraries are listed as follows:

  • PANTONE F&H Cotton (will have a green banner at the top)
  • PANTONE FHI COLOR GUIDE (Replaces PANTONE F&H Paper, F&H Paper New Colors)

Prior PANTONE FASHION + HOME libraries are marked as obsolete. All of the obsolete libraries will be removed with the next release of PANTONE Color Manager. Although the software prompts the user to delete them, users cannot currently do so.

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