Problem mixing inks according to PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE or PANTONE GoeGuide formu


Why can’t my printer match my PANTONE color?

There are several issues to look at when these problems occur:

1. Age of the Guide being used. If the Formula Guide is old, it may have faded or the paper aged to the point that the Guide is no longer reliable. These changes are more noticeable in the lighter colors. Pantone recommends that the Guide be replaced one year from the date of first use to maintain accurate color communication.  This recommendation is clearly stated on the outside back cover of current Guides.

2. Base inks being used. Printers should be purchasing inks from a PANTONE Licensed Printing Ink Manufacturer. Chances are, if the PANTONE Trademark appears on the ink can label, this condition is being met. Further, users should not substitute base colors. For example, if the formula calls for PANTONE Black and the printer uses PANTONE Process Black (one of the SWOP colors), there will likely be a color variation.

3. Relative strength of base color pigments. Oftentimes, this turns out to be the problem. Users should check with their ink supplier's technical staff. For example, if one base ink is slightly strong, and the other is weaker, this can cause a color variation. In this case, adjustments to the formula may be necessary to match the color. Ink suppliers are often aware of these variables and can provide the appropriate guidance.

If the above guidelines do not solve the problem, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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