Purpose of PANTONE Color Manager software


What is the purpose of PANTONE Color Manager software?

PANTONE Color Manager is a software application which resides on the user's computer. The primary purpose of PANTONE Color Manager is to assist the user in keeping the PANTONE libraries within their design and layout applications up to date.  By acting as a 'clearinghouse' for PANTONE library updates, users can auto-update the software as new PANTONE colors are introduced, and have instant access to updated PANTONE color libraries for easy export into their application programs.

In addition, PANTONE Color Manager allows users to apply color-management tools to PANTONE color libraries.  Users can apply an ICC profile for a particular output device to PANTONE libraries, view a 'soft-proof' of how the colors will print, and in turn export these 'pre-profiled' palettes for use in design applications.  Users can also import a photographic image into PANTONE Color Manager and extract PANTONE colors from the image to assemble into a custom palette.

PANTONE Color Manager is free of charge with purchase and registration of current products, or can also be purchased individually.

Need Help? Contact PANTONE Customer Service: support@pantone.com

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