QTX files for PANTONE FASHION + HOME colors


How can I obtain QTX files for PANTONE FASHION + HOME colors?

In order to purchase the QTX files for PANTONE FASHION + HOME colors, you must first purchase the PANTONE SMART Swatch Cards for each color.  On the reverse side of the card, in the lower right-hand corner is the UPC code, which must be entered when purchasing the QTX files.

North American customers may purchase PANTONE SMART swatch cards online at the following page:

Individual PANTONE SMART swatch cards - cotton

International customers should contact their nearest Pantone office for assistance in purchasing the PANTONE SMART swatch cards in their respective regions.

QTX files may then be purchased and downloaded from the following page:

Spectral Data:

Need Help? Contact PANTONE Customer Service: support@pantone.com

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