RGB Color Settings in Adobe Photoshop


How do I set RGB space in Adobe Photoshop to optimize PANTONE colors?

We recommend that your RGB working space be set to Adobe 1998 RGB. This is a relatively wide-gamut RGB space for photo retouching which is still acceptably achievable in print. When you set your working space to Adobe 1998 RGB, Adobe Photoshop uses 'monitor compensation' to recognize the default monitor profile on your system, and adjust the working space to the target parameters of the monitor, as defined by your monitor profile. In Adobe Photoshop 6.x and later, this process is transparent and requires no user intervention. We further recommend that documents opened in Adobe Photoshop be converted to your working space when opened. You can set up the Color Settings to have Photoshop automatically convert all images to your working space when opened.  Click here to see an example of Color Settings configured in this way. If you would rather be warned of profile mismatches or missing profiles each time you open an image, click here to see an alternate configuration.

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