Revised naming convention for PANTONE Premium Metallics Coated Base Colors


My PANTONE Premium Metallics Guide references base colors from the PANTONE Goe System, which my ink supplier says is discontinued. How can I get these inks?

While the PANTONE Goe System was discontinued in November 2013, the inks that are used to formulate the PANTONE Premium Metallic colors are very much available.

In the first generation of PANTONE Premium Metallics, the colors were named using the descriptions from the PANTONE Goe System. Six of the inks were the same pigments used in the PANTONE PLUS SERIES with different names, as listed below:

  • PANTONE Medium Yellow is equivalent to PANTONE Yellow 012
  • PANTONE Bright Orange is equivalent to PANTONE Orange 021
  • PANTONE Strong Reg is equivalent to PANTONE Rubine Red
  • PANTONE Bright Green is equivalent to PANTONE Green
  • PANTONE Medium Blue is equivalent to PANTONE Process Blue
  • PANTONE Neutral Black is equivalent to PANTONE Black

Four additional colors have been added to the PANTONE PLUS SERIES with the 336 colors introduced in April 2012, as follows:

  • PANTONE Bright Red
  • PANTONE Pink
  • PANTONE Medium Purple
  • PANTONE Dark Blue

All of the base colors indicated above are readily available from any Pantone-licensed printing ink manufacturer. Newer versions of PANTONE Premium Metallics reflect the PANTONE PLUS SERIES names for the base colors.

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