Sharing Libraries from PANTONE Color Manager with Workgroup


How can I share PANTONE Color Manager Libraries with Others?

While PANTONE Color Manager is single-user, the PANTONE libraries may be shared with other users without license restriction. To do this, do the following:

  • Launch PANTONE Color Manager software
  • Open the desired library you wish to share
  • Go to File/Save As to open the Save As dialog
  • Choose ‘Desktop’ as your location
  • Choose the appropriate ‘file type’ for your application:
    • .ase – Adobe Swatch Exchange – for Illustrator and InDesign
    • .aco – Adobe Color Order – for Photoshop swatches palette
    • .acb – Adobe Color Book – for use with Adobe Color Picker within Photoshop
  • Click ‘save’ or ‘export’ depending on your version of PANTONE Color Manager
  • The file is saved to your desktop. From here, you can e-mail it to individual users or post it to a shared network folder for all to access.

To import the colors, do the following:

Adobe Illustrator

  • Go to Window/Swatch Libraries/Other Library
  • Navigate to the desired .ase file and open it.

Adobe InDesign:

  • Go to Swatches/New Color Swatch
  • Go to Color Mode/Other Library
  • Navigate to the desired .ase file and open it.

Adobe Photoshop – Swatches Palette:

  • Go to Window/Swatches
  • Click the arrow on the Swatches palette and select Load Swatches
  • Navigate to the desired .aco file and open it.

Please note: Adobe Photoshop .acb files cannot be externally imported. These files must be manually placed in the appropriate directory within Photoshop where native .acb files are stored. Please consult your Adobe documentation or contact Adobe Technical Support for detailed instructions.

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