The Current Display Needs to be Profiled' Message in PANTONE Color Manager


I have installed and activated PANTONE Color Manager, but I am getting a message that 'the display needs to be profiled'. There is a link to the X-Rite Web site but it doesn't lead anywhere. What is going on here?

This message simply means that the default display profile on your system is either missing or outdated, and your display should not be trusted. In normal operation, PANTONE Color Manager uses the display profile to control the onscreen display of PANTONE colors, and displays a ‘gamut warning’ for any color which is outside of the display’s color capabilities based on the profile. The link is an informational link to the monitor profiling solutions available from X-Rite/Pantone. It would appear that the link has changed; however, this does not infringe on the operation of the software.

Calibrating and profiling your display will eliminate this message. While you can use the visually-based profiling tools available for both the Mac and Windows operating systems, it is preferable to use an instrument-based solution such as the ones available from X-Rite/Pantone.

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