Updating PANTONE color libraries within CorelPAINTER and CorelDRAW with PANTONE


How can I export libraries for CorelDRAW from PANTONE Color Manager?

PANTONE Color Manager can directly export libraries for CorelPAINTER. For CorelDRAW you can use the following procedure:

  • Launch the PANTONE Color Manager application.
  • Go to View/Fandecks/Pantone and choose the library you wish to export
  • Go to File/Save As and choose Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase).
  • Choose your color space (L*a*b* for print workflow, sRGB for Web design)
  • Choose Desktop as the location
  • Click Export.  The file is saved to the desktop.

CorelDRAW can import Adobe Swatch Exchange libraries.  Please consult your Corel documentation or contact Corel support for details.

Need Help? Contact PANTONE Customer Service: support@pantone.com

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