Useful life of SMART swatches


What is the useful life of a PANTONE SMART Swatch Card?

To protect SMART swatches during storage and shipping, each SMART swatch card is packaged in an airtight, BHT-free, UV protective pouch. Although it is impossible to predict exactly how long a swatch will retain its color integrity, unopened swatches will maintain their color integrity much longer than if they were not packaged in our protective pouch. Once SMART swatch protective pouches are opened, local conditions and the way the swatches are stored will determine how long the swatches remain valid. As this is beyond our control, we cannot determine the effective life of the swatches once the protective pouches are opened. To maximize the life of your SMART swatch, we recommend that you store them away from direct light in a temperature controlled environment (70° F or 21° C, 50% Relative Humidity).

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