Using PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT Coated library in design software


Now that I have purchased the PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT Coated Guide, how can I use the colors in my preferred design software?

PANTONE COLOR MANAGER is a software application supplied by Pantone that syncs the latest PANTONE Color Libraries with your favorite design software. A one-year PANTONE COLOR MANAGER subscription is free with purchase of the PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT Coated Guide via a registration code located at the back of the Guide. This subscription will allow one to register the Guide on the website, download the software and sync Pantone Guides and pallets. Please visit for details about the software.

The PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT Color Library is also available in PantoneLIVE®. All Pantone Master Standards and Dependent Standards, including the PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT Colors can be utilized via the PantoneLIVE Adobe® Illustrator® Ink Book and Viewer plugins. Please visit for more information on the PantoneLIVE plug-in set.

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