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PantoneLIVE™ for Brand Owners
Efficiently and cost-effectively control color among local and remote producers, suppliers, contractors and distributors.
Solutions and Services for Brand Managers

With customers making split-second purchasing decisions, it's imperative to have your brand's colors accurately reproduced and displayed. Achieving consistent color is a challenge on its own, especially across a variety of printing technologies, substrates and geographies. With PantoneLIVE communicating color across a complex supply chain is achievable with less effort and greater precision.

Our Solutions Architects work alongside you to evaluate your brand colors. We identify the various production methods and help harmonize your brand colors across multiple substrates and print processes, to achieve consistent and repeatable packaging results everywhere.

The PantoneLIVE Portal is a centralized repository where your colors and operating procedures are securely stored. Only those suppliers that you authorize can access the spectral data for a particular project. PantoneLIVE is a solution that puts you in control of your brand by better communicating color and brand expectations up front.

PantoneLIVE is an ecosystem that allows you to manage the communication of color across your complete supply chain.

Our color service offerings help Brand Managers streamline and lower costs all while delivering a higher quality product to market quickly and effectively.

  • Specify a color and it is produced in many different ways. The PantoneLIVE team can identify and work with you to harmonize brand colors so there is consistency across your products.
  • We help create producible color standards for various packaging technologies.
  • We help create unique brand libraries so that everyone can align the right colors within a project.
  • We can take your current custom colors and map and harmonize them to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®.
  • With the PantoneLIVE Color Book and Viewer, you can easily update and map specified colors directly from your PantoneLIVE color palettes, ensuring that color expectations are communicated within the file.
  • With a customized e-store only your approved suppliers can access color standards, materials and services related to your projects.

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> See All Case Studies

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