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PantoneLIVE™ for Designers and Premedia
Have instantaneous global access to your customers' brand palettes to ensure that the right colors and expectations are communicated.
PantoneLIVE ColorBook and Viewer

Streamline the design and proofing process, getting brand colors right the first time, right every time! With the PantoneLIVE ColorBook plug-in for Adobe Illustrator®, simply select PantoneLIVE colors based on the brand owner's palette and/or a PantoneLIVE Master Library. This simple step ties the design to brand expectations and creates a means to seamlessly hand off color details to your prepress or print provider. Add Viewer to create an on-screen rendering of designs. With a properly calibrated monitor, designers can accurately view designs on screen and see side-by-side comparisons of how colors will appear on varying substrates and using different production processes.

No more surprises at press time, and costly, time-consuming rounds of proofing and rework are minimized or eliminated.

Customers should note that Adobe® has announced a new version of their Creative Cloud® (including Illustrator CC2015.3 and Photoshop® CC2015.5). The current PantoneLIVE plugin product for Illustrator, will not work with this update. It is our recommendation to our customers not to install the update yet if they wish to preserve the PantoneLIVE plugin functionality. We are working hard on a resolution and will publish an update as soon as we have it available.

PantoneLIVE ColorBook and Viewer annual subscription

To buy PantoneLIVE ColorBook and Viewer annual subscription, please contact or call 1.800.248.9748 to order part number PLV-DES

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If you are outside the United States and would like to purchase the PantoneLIVE ColorBook or ColorBook and Viewer please contact us or call 1.866.PANTONE.

PantoneLIVE-enabled Solutions from Esko

Nine out of the ten of the largest brands are produced using Esko tools. With Esko Suite 12 and the Esko Color Engine, prepress companies, converters and other Esko users can enable their current Esko solutions to connect directly to PantoneLIVE.

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