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PantoneLIVE for X-Rite
InkFormulation Software [IFS]

Brand Managers demand color consistency, and inks are critical to meeting that demand. InkFormulation Software ensures that ink colors are right the first time, right all the time. The new InkFormulation 6 Software improves ink suppliers' and printers' basic materials, automatically determining the right ink film thickness and helping to quickly reduce inventories. When it is time for production, operators connect to PantoneLIVE and download the relevant colors specified by their customers. Because inks are created based on your customers' expectations of print technology and substrate you can ensure the color your customer communicates is replicated with the relevant inks.

PantoneLIVE for X-Rite Color iQC
and Color iQC Print software

Color iQC Print is a Process Control solution that incorporates the latest workflow technologies and color standards for a complete approach to monitoring print results. Color iQC Online provides centralized control and management, yet provides easy access to all authorized users within a color network. With a PantoneLIVE-enabled license, printers and converters also connect to the PantoneLIVE ecosystem, ensuring that the color specified by your customer is accurately reproduced – delivering color that is right the first time, right every time.

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