Pantone Connect | Adobe Creative Cloud | Integrate Pantone Colors

Pantone Connect | Adobe Creative Cloud | Integrate Pantone Colors


Over 5,600 Pantone Colors are missing from the Pantone Swatch Libraries in Adobe® Creative Cloud®, including 826 Pantone Matching System (PMS) Colors and the entire Fashion, Home + Interiors system.

With Pantone Connect, integrate all Pantone Colors easily into your design file, and much more:

  • Search, sort, and filter efficiently through all Pantone colors and libraries
  • Convert RGB, Hex, CMYK, and L*a*b* values to closest Pantone matches
  • Cross-reference between Pantone Color Systems
  • Create, tag, and add teammates to color palettes to facilitate better color communication and collaboration

Pantone Connect Extension access is free during an ongoing intro period while we develop the Pantone Connect platform.

Replacement for Color Manager

  • No Export Required: Pantone Connect is integrated seamlessly within Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • Colors are always up to date: No synching of fan decks needed
  • New features and ecosystem integrations added regularly
  • Register your new guide for 6-months of free use

Design Team Collaboration

  • Team licensing options available with volume discounts. Contact for details
  • Build and tag color palettes for projects, add collaborators and share color across your team

User & System Requirements

  • User must have an active Adobe Creative Cloud account
  • An internet connection is required
  • A Pantone Connect account registration is required for activation
  • Connect is compatible with:
    • Photoshop - Version 20.0 and up*
    • InDesign - Version 14.0 and up*
    • Illustrator - Version 23.0 and up*
  • Not compatible with Adobe CS software. See Pantone Color Manager for Pantone library delivery to older version of Adobe software.

*May also work with some earlier versions

For enterprises who need to deploy software through their IT Group, and for individuals who were unsuccessful downloading from the Adobe Exchange, download your Pantone Connect installer here. If you need assistance, please contact
Click here to download the Pantone Connect installer for Windows
Click here to download the Pantone Connect installer for MAC

Directions for Individual Installation
As a first step, we recommend that you try installing Pantone Connect from the Adobe Exchange hosted by Adobe. Due to recent changes to the Adobe Exchange, many Extensions including Pantone Connect are not successfully downloaded from the Adobe Exchange on the first try. If you run into problems with the download, please try these steps in order.

1) After performing the install, restart Adobe, then in the Adobe tool menu visit Window -> Extensions -> Pantone Connect . If your install was successful, following these steps will bring up the Pantone Connect extension window and prompt you to create an account.

2) If install was not initially successful after step 1, please try to install using the Anastasiy Extension Manager.

a) Visit

b) After selecting either the Mac or Windows version of your chosen Extension Install Utility, download it to your computer and follow the installation instructions from the installer, which should be in your Downloads folder.

c) Install the Pantone Connect ZXP file from our website.

d) Install your extension in the Anastasiy Extension Manager by selecting File > Install extension or following the instructions within the install utility and selecting the extension from within your computer’s Downloads folder.

3) If none of these options work, contact us at We’ll everything we can to get you up and running ASAP!

Directions for Enterprise Installation
Enterprise installation is required if your Adobe software is managed and deployed by a central IT group within your company. You will be required to download an unsigned ZXP file, available on our Adobe Exchange product page, and to follow the directions posted on this page:
Contact us at if you require additional assistance.

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